FFL Transfers

ATTENTION - As of 3/21/2022 we are temporarily pausing INBOUND FFL transfers for the general public. Outbound transfers for firearm purchases are still supported. Reach out via email to [email protected] with any questions.

Our FFL is on-file with GunBroker, Guns.com, Palmetto State Armory, Aero Precision, and  New Frontier Armory. Our FFL can be requested for/by other sellers via email at [email protected], or by calling 425-523-4993.


Transfer Fees:

Washington State Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles (SARs) - $68 (includes the $18 state SAR transfer tax)

Handguns - $50

Non-SAR Long Guns, Shotguns, Frames, and Receivers -$30


Sending Us a Firearm?

  • Firearm laws vary widely across the country. To make sure you are fully compliant as a seller, we strongly recommend you ship firearms to us through an FFL dealer.
  • We handle compliance with Washington State laws on our end.
  • Make sure to include a copy of the sending FFL and customer contact information with the shipment.


Receiving a Firearm?

  • When your firearm arrives we will contact you (using the phone number or email address included in the shipment) to coordinate a time to fill out the transfer paperwork.
  • The paperwork process takes about 15 minutes to complete.
    • Background checks for handguns and SARs get routed through your local police department.
    • Non-SAR long guns, shotguns, frames, and receivers are completed onsite.
  • Once your background check completes, we will contact you to pick up your firearm.
    • There is a mandatory 10 business day waiting period for SARs.
      • The day after paperwork is submitted to you local police department counts as the first day.
      • You can pick up your SAR firearm on the 11th day.

Purchasing Firearms Online

It is illegal to ship firearms to anyone not holding an active Federal Firearms License (FFL). For that reason, firearms purchased online may be picked up at our store or shipped to an FFL (gun store) near you. We may contact and verify the FFL you select during checkout before we ship your firearm(s). The buyer is encouraged to contact the receiving FFL licensee before purchase.