FFL Transfers

We are happy to help our local community with firearm transfers. Our FFL is on-file with GunBroker, Guns.com, Palmetto State Armory, Aero Precision, and  New Frontier Armory. Our FFL can be requested for/by other sellers via email at [email protected], or by calling 425-523-4993.


Transfer Fees:

Washington State Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles (SARs) - $68 (includes the $18 state SAR transfer tax)

Handguns - $50

Non-SAR Long Guns, Shotguns, Frames, and Receivers -$30


Sending Us a Firearm?

  • Firearm laws vary widely across the country. To make sure you are fully compliant as a seller, we strongly recommend you ship firearms to us through an FFL dealer.
  • We handle compliance with Washington State laws on our end.
  • Make sure to include a copy of the sending FFL and customer contact information with the shipment.


Receiving a Firearm?

  • When your firearm arrives we will contact you (using the phone number or email address included in the shipment) to coordinate a time to fill out the transfer paperwork.
  • The paperwork process takes about 15 minutes to complete.
    • Background checks for handguns and SARs get routed through your local police department.
    • Non-SAR long guns, shotguns, frames, and receivers are completed onsite.
  • Once your background check completes, we will contact you to pick up your firearm.
    • There is a mandatory 10 business day waiting period for SARs.
      • The day after paperwork is submitted to you local police department counts as the first day.
      • You can pick up your SAR firearm on the 11th day.